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product lines to order.--.privacy and other issues..

I started modeling as a kid. One of the first kits that I remember was a Strombecker wood and paper model of Union Pacific's City of Los Angeles streamliner. Didn't do too bad a job for a cub scout, at least it was recogonizable.

In the fall of 1973, I went to the only Hobby Shop in town and asked for two what I though were common items only to be told they were never even heard of. Oh, the two items; Kadee couplers and Kemton or similiar switch machines. One of my friends after hearing that complaint for the umpteenth time said to shut up or open a hobby shop myself. A month and a half later The Engine Tender opened its door for the first time.

I always knew that the model hobby business had a large number of different items to offer, but the actual number was unknown and probably still is! That being the case, we offered a special order service from the start. When the item came in the next shipment we had no problems, but when the items arrived 3 month to 2 1/2 years(the record by the way) later, we had trouble matching the item to the person who ordered it. Our paper trail always seemed to peter out and the problem wasn't solved until several years into our computerized inventory system.

Oh, how many different items are there? I don't know, but at the top of the product line table is a total of the lines (SKU's) I have listed. There are many more manufacturers that I haven't listed yet and many more manufacturers that aren't on that list.

We welcome your comments and suggestions and (yes and) your complaints.

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product lines to order.--.privacy and other issues.

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