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The information we gather from you is used only in-house to process your order(s) and provide shipping to your location. A current customer --defined as one who has ordered in the last 179 days -- may request a review of his/her data at any time and we will respond within 4 business days. Non-current customer requests will be supplied on a as-soon-as-practical basis based on current customer workloads. The data we gather from you will be maintained a minimum of 7 years from last transaction plus based on current IRS regulations.

The manufacturer's product list is posted for the convience of The Engine Tender's customers. This list is hand produced from various sources reputed to be accurate and is our best estimate as to what is available or potentially available from this manufacturer. The main source is our in-house inventory database. We started keeping a perpetual inventory on 3 by 5 index cards in 1973 and moved it to various spreadsheets/databases as newer technology became available.

The in-stock list is made from our inventory database and we will update when practical after transactions have occurred in that manufacturers items.

Manufacturer: If you wish we will NOT link to your site from this list.

Pictures of these products were made in-house from our inventory using a film camera and scanner or digital camera and/or both unless credited to another source.

Reposting of this list and/or pictures is allowed for non-commercial purposes. Prior permission is expected if used for commercial purposes.

Home Page.. how to order..manufacturers carried

Last update 8/31/13