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The Engine Tender presents

Bullets, Shot, Round Balls

Bullets, Shot, Round Balls for reloading

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In-stock List

Bullets, Shot, Round Balls 995m.htm
Description Stock # Scale Sale Price Qty
32 cal .310 round balls 995-HOR6000 $6.00
32 Cal .315 lead balls 995-HOR6003 $6.00
36 Cal .350 lead balls 995-HOR6010 $6.00
36 Cal .375 lead balls 995-HOR6020 $6.00
40 Cal .395 lead balls 995-HOR6025 $6.75
54 Cal .520 lead balls 995-HOR6095 $10.75
54 Cal .535 lead balls 995-HOR6110 $11.65
lead 41mag 215gr swc 995-l1 $20.00
lead 44 cal 240gr swc 995-l2 $25.00
lead 445 long colt 250 gr 995-l3 $90.00
Lead Shot #6 25lbs 995-shot6 $54.00
Lead Shot #8 25lbs 995-shot8 $54.00
Description Stock # Scale Sale Price Qty

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Last update 11/9/2017