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Misc Publications

Various magazines and published material

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In-stock List

Misc Publications
Description Stock # Scale Sale Price Qty
Tactics II board & manual very used no tokens Avalon Hill 872-1 $4.85 1
Rifle & Saber Tactical Combat 1850-1900 board game 872-2 $4.85 1
The Battle of the Bulge used Avalon Hill 872-3 $17.40 1
Jutland WW1 naval battle Avalon Hill used 872-4 $17.40 1
D-Day WW2 invasion game Avalon Hill used 872-5 $17.40 1
1914 WW1 Strategy Game Avalon Hill very used 872-6 $9.20 1
Description Stock # Scale Sale Price Qty

This table lists the items we have in-stock from this manufacturer. Please see Product Line for a listing of the Misc Publications items available from The Engine Tender.

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Last update 8/31/2017